Interessengemein​schaft PHP e.V.

We want to support and spread the programming language PHP in long term in education, research and development.

Who we are Our gloals What we do Support the organization

Who we are

The "Interessengemeinschaft PHP" is an independent and nonprofit organization and open for active and conveying members. The founders are well known members in the PHP-Community and a belong to network of companies and persons, who are using PHP professional for years.

We ❤️ PHP

Our gloals

As a nonprofit organization we want to increase the acceptance of the programming language PHP. We want to develop it further and propagate it and we want to increase the knowledge about PHP in science, research and education. To reach this goal we focus on:

  • Give access to teach- and education-material for usage and facilitation of PHP in research and education to academic facilities, teaching programs and schools
  • Arrange and support conferences, information events and public meetings to enable exchange of experiences
  • Support and guide scientific projects in the PHP environment
  • Place experts in research and education
  • Establish open source software as cultural good and support related projects

What we do

Our organization provides with the network and support of our sustaining members resources to push on the activities of the php community. This can be a financial support of open source and independent software projects, to place specialist contact persons in science and education, to connect organizers and speakers or to come up with contact persons for commerce and industry.

If you want to know how the ig-php can support you or if you have already a concrete idea or concept which of our services are matching to you, then please contact us under

Support the organization

To act as a nonprofit organization, we need your support. As an active or conveying member you can contribute to make it possible to support science, development and education. If you or your company wants to be a part of our organization (take a look at our defined contribution arrangement), write an e-mail to and we will contact you.